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Water Activated Diamond Light
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Water Activated Diamond Light

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$9.00 USD each
Water Activated Diamond Light Wedding Accessory
Water Activated Diamond Light Wedding Accessory
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ITEM # 6003

Water Activated Diamond Light Wedding Decoration Accessory

Add some sparkle to the tables at your wedding reception with these fabulous under water diamond lights. Designed to be used in glass containers, the decorative LED lights illuminate immediately on impact with the water. Perfect for creating a romantic mood for your special evening, each of the wedding lights has 3 extra bright white LED bulbs and they are also weighted so that they sit at the bottom of the vase or bowl. No matter how long the party goes on for, you’ll have constant illumination as the diamond shaped LED lights stay lit for up to 40 hours with the first 20 being the brightest.
1 3/4" x 1 1/2"
PRODUCT Q&A (3 Q and A's)
Q: Can the batteries be replaced?
A: No as the light has a water tight seal
Q: How do I get it to light up?
A: Base has a metal plate that needs to be submursed in water, once dry the light will turn off. Can test the light by closing the circuit with your fingers
Q: What color does the light shine?
A: White

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Reviews (4) Overall Rating
Absolutely beautiful! Exactly what I wanted for my centerpieces the light was brilliant and glowing. Worth every penny!!!
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Unique
Cons: Expensive
Bought a sample to try before the wedding. It lights up beautifully, but also floated in the design we were thinking of using. We are now adding clear stones to weigh it down. It will look beautiful.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Fun, Unique
Can't wait to use these for our wedding. These will provide the extra mood lighting we're looking for on our tables.
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Fun, Unique
While these lights are a little pricey, you do get what you pay for - the lights are extremely bright and no thought is required to use them. Ease of use and quality still may not outway the price, but if you have a little extra in your budget - it is worth it!...more
Pros: High Quality
Cons: Expensive
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