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Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram
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Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram

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$30.00 USD each
Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram
Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram
Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram
Small Personalized Wooden Ring Jewelry Box- Classic Monogram
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ITEM # 9759-P-1277-106-02

Unique Custom Ring Organizer Gift

This rustic, vintage inspired, personalized wooden ring jewelry box is a unique and decorative alternate to a classic ring pillow. It is designed large enough to carry two wedding rings, but small enough to slip into an inside pocket with ease. Hand carved from polished dark wood, it includes a magnet clasp to help secure your tiny trinkets and is inexpensive without looking cheap. Personalized with monogrammed initials and an antique garland design on the outside, and engraved sentiments inside the lid, this tiny box is heirloom quality and will be a cherished keepsake from your day. Whether from a bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or best man, it is a beautiful gift idea that any bride or groom-to-be will love, long after their wedding day!
4" (L) x 2" (W) x 3/5" (H)
Natural Wood

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Reviews (15) Overall Rating
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Unique
Such a special way to store the rings. I was impressed by how quickly it came... much sooner than expected especially being custom. I love this ring box and would definitely recommend!
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Unique
We are having two ring bearers so we ordered two of these. They truly are the perfect size to fit in a suit jacket pocket until the time we hand them over to our ring bearers for the ceremony. We had our initials applied to the front and our wedding date inside. They turned out perfect! The only thing I would change would be to add a ribbon or piece of twine to the ring cutouts to secure the rings in place. I will have to add this myself so the rings don't bounce all over inside the case. I had read the reviews prior to purchasing and was aware this was a concern. Even so, this product is worth buying! After the wedding I plan to use the case on my bedside table and when I travel as I don't wear my rings while I sleep! Great buy....more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Fun
Got this for my son’s wedding. It’s great. Well made. Will make a cute addition to the wedding ceremony and a nice keepsake for yrs to come.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Great Value, Unique
love the idea of it, keeping two rings together and engraving your name, anniversary date, etc. . If you simply use the box as a ring keeper, it works. However if you want to carry it as a ring barrier, it doesn't work so well because the rings inside of the box move around. There is no security to keep each ring in the box, so we ended up not using it for our ceremony. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Unique
Cons: Awkward to Use
My fiancé loved this because it’s made out of wood. Will fit perfectly in our best mans pocket the day of our wedding. Although there’re is too much space inside so the rings don’t stay in their holes.
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Unique
It’s a love/hate relationship for this box. The overall look is unique but the functionality is lacking. Maybe it would be best with a velvet where the rings go to stay in place. Or has anyone put ties to keep the rings in place. If anyone has done either, please advise which is the best way. Thanks! ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, Unique
This is adorable, the engraving was perfect. I had the same issue as other reviewers, the spacing for the rings is much larger than it should be, so when we put our rings in the box, they move around the box. We'll have to add in some ties to make them stay put. ...more
Pros: Attractive Design, High Quality, Fun
Loved my ring box, exactly what I was hoping for! Would of liked a better latch system on it as it doesn't close all the way and I'm afraid it will pop open and the rings will fall out.
Pros: Attractive Design, Fun, Unique
Smaller then I expected, but that's my own fault. It's so cute and will be great for our wedding.

Cute design and nice that you can personalize it. My only problem is that he notches for where the rings sit are shallow and the curve of the top of the box is high so the rings don't stay where they're supposed to, especially when being carried by a ring bearer! I think I'll be able to glue some strings to tie them in place. Overall great idea, but could be more functional in my opinion....more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, Great Value, Unique
Cons: Awkward to Use, Not What I Expected
It's a little lighter than I had expected, but still worth the money!
Pros: Attractive Design, Unique
the only thing I did not like is the rings do not stay in the little holls
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Unique
It was a little smaller than I expected but still perfect for what I was looking for! Excited to have this around forever!
Pros: Attractive Design, Great Value, Fun, Unique
This box is really cute! It is smaller than I thought it would be, but really is a perfect size. I know for sure my ring will fit in the one spot because I'm a 3.5 ring size but my fiance is a 10.5 and I'm thinking it might JUST fit. So I guess if the groom has a larger ring size than 10.5 this product may not be for you, but I like it! And it will be a great place to store our rings after the wedding....more
Pros: Attractive Design, Durable, High Quality, Unique
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