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French Whimsy Small Ticket
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French Whimsy Small Ticket

Product #: Size / Package Count Price
1047-10 2.5"x1.25"H / Package of 120 $24.98 USD per pkg
#1047-10-c07 - Red
#1047-10-c09 - Lemon Yellow
#1047-10-c10 - Black
#1047-10-c11 - Pastel Blue
#1047-10-c12 - Willow Green
#1047-10-c15 - Peach
#1047-10-c32 - Navy Blue
#1047-10-c36 - Victorian Purple
#1047-10-c45 - Vintage Gold
#1047-10-c92 - Vintage Pink
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ITEM # 1047-10

French Whimsy Small Ticket

The color pops on the white background of this collection. While it is admittedly floral, it is in no way overpowering due to the mix of greenery, chic rustic textures and the vintage styling of the flowers.

Be sure to have a supply of these unique drink tickets on hand. Plan to hand out complementary drink tickets as you and your beloved make your rounds socializing with your guests. Alternatively, use drink tickets as a guest favor option. Set tickets along side each table setting or include with a small gift such as a wine stopper.

  • paper weight - 80 lbs
  • material - smooth cover paper
  • imperial - 2.5x1.25"H or 1.25x2.5"H
  • metric - 6.3x3.2cmH or 3.2x6.3cmH
This item is sold in packages of 120

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